Rezball3 Game Rules

The Rezball3 is much more structured than street 3×3. Here are the biggest rule differences that the Rezball3 employs while still keeping the essence of street 3×3 basketball intact.

  • The first team to 40 points wins and the team must win by at least 2 points.
  • Baskets are worth 2 and 3-points like standard basketball field goals.
  • The Rezball3 also has four-point zones on the court where baskets are worth 4-points.
  • There is a 14-second shot clock.
  • A shooting foul awards one free throw the same value of the shot taken (ex. If a 2-pointer is taken, the foul shot is worth two points)
    Halftime occurs when a team reaches 20 points first.
  • There are no personal fouls awarded in Rezball3, meaning no player can foul out. Fouls are only registered as team fouls.
  • Each team gets two timeouts – a 60-second and a 30-second – per game.
  • Substitutions are made on dead balls and during timeouts.